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  7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 By Jerry Little, 11:08 AM

                         1980's KITCHEN REMODEL/SMALL HOUSE TRANSFORMED This not –so –big house was built in the 1980’s and the interiors needed some updating. The kitchen was small, cramped and lacked importance. The living room furniture layout was awkward and the space was not being utilized to its full potential. The client did not want to add on to the house, so we remodeled using the existing footprint. This interior design project is a good example of what can be done within existing  space to make it more comfortable, functional, and stylish.

 The living room at this point is awkward, but there is lots of potential. The fireplace can be refaced to update it, and a gas insert installed. Let's add some bookshelves for storage and interest. I really like the leather chairs and sofa in this deep rich color: a good starting point. New carpet in a tan color would add warmth.

To open up this dated kitchen we'll get rid of the hanging cabinets over the pennisula and remove the soffits.  New, taller cabinets will go to  the  ceiling. New counter tops,  appliances  and tile backsplash will be a big improvement.

We can get more out of this dining area: bigger table and more storage.

New custom cabinets in a rich cherry are installed. Upper cabinets go to the ceiling with a handsome crown molding added.

Dark Cambria counter tops add contrast and richness while the cream colored porcelain floor tiles and the travertine tile backsplash add brightness. Energy saver appliances, Cambria counter tops, porcelain tiles, and low VOC paint are all sustainable, eco-friendly elements of this interior deisgn.

The fireplace has been refaced in natural slate tiles and complemented by the new sleek gas insert. Custom bookshelves and cabinets are done in the same cherry as the kitchen. Now the fireplace wall is the focal point of the living room and provides a much needed anchor to the space. 

The new kitchen is open to the dining room and feels much more spacious.  The dining table seats 6-8 and the buffet provides storage and balance to the space. The black and cherry color scheme is coordinated with kitchen ( and living room) and provides a real sense of flow....great entertaining space.

The completed kitchen feels twice as big.  The different  materials create contrasts in texture and color. The updated pendant lights add the finishing touch to this handsome new kitchen.

These classic subway tiles are travertine.  Their nubby surface contrasts beautifully with the glass and stone mosaic  border tiles and the black and brown colors pull the whole kitchen together. Its a new look in tiles.

The completed living room repeats the traditional interior design style established in the kitchen and dining room. Great for entertaining yet comfortable for evening T.V. watching.  This design project is a good example of the importance of a well thought out design plan. The entire remodel and redesign are one Master Plan. Because no kitchen should be an island, it and the surrounding spaces should be designed all at once in order for the finished interior to be harmonious.

Black and cherry color scheme defined. For more info on kitchen and bath design, or remodeling visit

Letitia Little is a licensed, award winning interior designer in Minneapolis, MN.

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  7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420








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