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 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 By Jerry Little, 10:08 AM

Take a look around your home. Do you have a collection in the making? Grouping similar items together in one place creates an impact that just placeing things individually around the home does not. Here are a few ideas on how to display collections of meaningful items that will give your home a personal touch. pitchers

This cream colored hutch is the  perfect home for the collection of  raised design pitchers.  Similar shapes, sizes and color  makes grouping them all together the ideal way to show them off.  The added touches of pastel blue in the  plates and platters really compliment the off white and create a genteel, country ambiance, which I love.  From "Interior Transformations"  by Jane Churchill.



Vintage memorabila has common ground on this antique dresser.  Seperate pieces from the same era create a three dimensional collage  on the dresser top with the rose picture as an anchor.  The result is a charming reminder of bygone years.This  grouping is very "hands on" which easily allows for aditions and subtractions. From "American Modern" by Thomas O'Brien

hall pictures

This collection of  identically framed bird prints hung in a curved stairwell, creates drama and  contrast that would not be achieved on a flat wall. The large bird sculpture at the foot of the stairs adds an unexpected three dimensional aspect to the entire collection. Take note of the way the pictures are arranged to fit the  tricky curved wall. Looks great! From Displaying Pictures and Photographs by Crown Trade Paperbacks

sea shellsA great way to enjoy a collection of small items is to put them in a glass  keepsake table.  They become a part of the table top and can be appreciated without being handled. This example is especially pleasing because the tan velvet lining and neutral finish of the  table set off the white tones of the sea shells. By Thomas O'Brien

IMG_2436 - CopyCustom designed wall unit shows off this extensive vintage/antique collection of memorabilia for a client's craft room.  Pastel colors and the feminine quality of the pieces are the common thread that holds it all together. Its important to  be selective in choosing pieces to display to avoid overcrowding the shelves. The entire display should have a  balance between groupings and open space.  Interior Design by Letitia Little.

Letitia Little, Allied ASID, CID is an award winning interior designer in Minneapolis, MN. go to


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 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420








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