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  7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420

 By Jerry Little, 8:11 AM

GLAZED FLOOR AND WALL TILES are coated with glass-forming minerals and ceramic stains. Can look like real stone, marble and slate without the expense. Suitable on floors and walls. PORCELAIN TILE COLORBODY™ is the densest of all tile types and has a color-through body. It has <0.50% water absorption. Porcelain can withstand temperature extremes, heavy foot traffic and may be used indoors and out. Has the look of natural stone and is easy to clean. Needs no sealing.

MOSAIC TILE is usually 3x3” or smaller and is available in glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, unglazed ColorBody ™ porcelain and glass. Provides the use of  two or more colors in a tile design.

NATURAL STONE is beautiful , durable and enduring. Stone naturally lacks uniformity and contains wide variations in shade. These aspects enhance it’s natural appeal.


Field Tile makes up the bulk of a tile application. Generally offered in neutral colors.

Accent Tile provides a color accent to Field tile. Comes in bright , vivid colors.

Decorative Tile is coordinated with field tile featuring colors and relief.

Trim Tile matches field tile and comes in special shapes for special purposes ie: corners, floor and wall transitions.

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Discover Your Home's


 &nbsp;7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis,&nbsp;MN 55378,&nbsp;952-226-6420

 7216 Kestrel Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55378, 952-226-6420








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