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About Letitia

Letitia Little lives in the Twin Cities and after 40 years as an award- winning interior designer has decided to get back to painting.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design from

the University if Colorado.

Letitia brings her love of design into her abstract paintings, combining color and texture into a variety of patterns and styles. "The use of white space, or negative space, plays an integral part of the design of my paintings". Strong vibrant colors and textures combine with confident brush strokes to evoke a sense of movement. "A lot of energy and emotion go into each painting. Spontaneity is important too. I truly enjoy the process wherever it leads." Her abstract paintings have a lightness of feel, a sense of drama and simplicity that are well suited to today’s contemporary interiors.

Paintings in her collection are coordinated into color groupings so that paintings done in different styles can be combined successfully.

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